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Basis Learning Centres
 bridging the digital divide 


of India's children

do not go to school


of India's population
is digitally illiterate


More than 60% of women never use the internet


of rural households

own computers

Our Vision

We invest in youth and young adults, helping to equip them to pursue their goals and create better futures for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.​

Our Mission

Education and skills development are critical to preventing poverty, and in today’s world strong cognitive, socio-emotional, creative, and digital skills are necessary to flourish. (World Bank)

Basis creates comprehensive learning and skills development opportunities for under-resourced or out-of-school youth and young adults in rural and urban-poor communities.

Who We Are

Basis is a non-profit accelerator: we don't stand alone. Rather, we function as part of a network working to address the root causes of poverty.


We provide an agile solution to the problem created by the digital divide - a problem that many charities, schools, and NGOs are not able to address simply because they do not have the capacity, knowledge, expertise, or resources. 


What is the digital divide and why is it a problem?


Youth and young adults in many rural and urban-poor communities do not have access to basic computer skills development opportunities from an early age. In a world where power is

increasingly held by those who hold the “digital reins,” this disadvantage serves to dramatically

widen the gap between “the haves” and the “have-nots". Without digital skills, young people are ill-prepared for tertiary education or other vocational possibilities. This disadvantage traps them in a cycle of poverty, and could also increase risk of child marriage, susceptibility to trafficking, child labour, gang involvement, and a myriad of other potentially negative and damaging outcomes.

Enter Basis Learning Centres.


Our partners provide their program participants (ages 13 and above) a safe and secure space and host our IT infrastructure and online and arts-based curriculum. Partners also provide their own mentors, teachers, or trainers, whom Basis trains in our eLearning Pathways. To bring our learners as far as possible, we include career and educational guidance as well as psychosocial support (if needed) in our program. 


All of these strands knit together create a solid foundation on which to stand and reach for dreams!

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