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Letter to My Son

Dear Simon,

Tomorrow we celebrate the graduation of fifty learners from Bloom, the new Basis Learning Centre I told you about in April!

I wish you were here to see it!

Tomorrow I will tell the learners about your dedication to “getting good at things” - whether coding, climbing, dancing, disc golf, or a figure skating trick, you aimed for success, and you achieved it! You knew that if you put the time in, you would get there. You will inspire our graduates and our new learners for years.

I also want to tell them about your loving kindness; the care you showed to those who loved you as well as complete strangers… you made the world a special place wherever you went.

Thank you for supporting the dream of Basis!

all my love,


Simon Lantinga (26), son of Christina de Jong, co-founder and CEO of Basis, died of a catastrophic pulmonary hemorrhage on September 1, 2022.

Simon was working as a Senior Software Engineer at Aurora. He is deeply missed by his team, friends, and family far and wide.

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