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Looking Back and Looking Forward

logo of Basis reading basis foundation for life, written in green besides icon with blue, black and orange color

Dear friends, Along with sending our warmest Christmas wishes, we would like to take a moment to reflect too.

Who knew what a strange and challenging year 2020 would be!

We know that it has affected all of us deeply. Maybe, because of COVID, we have been hurt financially, or maybe people close to us have fallen ill. It’s possible you have experienced loss too. Or maybe there are non-COVID related events that have caused stress and difficulty. For any pain you may have gone through or are going through now, we extend our sympathy and support.

We are so grateful that, in spite of these challenges, support for Basis Education Foundation and our Basis Learning Centres has been faithful and generous. Whether you walked beside us with wisdom and encouragement, or made a one-time gift, or are supporting us steadily with a monthly gift, we count it all as foundational to helping us reach our goal of launching year-round programming in 2021.

We have been busy these last months, creating the IT infrastructure and developing the online curriculum to serve our Basis Learning Centres. See the nest in our recently updated logo? That is the symbol for the learning eco-system we are creating!

Our first “nest” is being structured right now, even as this letter is being written to you, at a new Children’s Creativity Centre in Bangalore. The Children’s Creativity Centre is located in one of Bangalore’s largest slums, where children, because of COVID lockdowns, are currently at loose ends due to schools being shut. We plan to engage them - both girls and boys - with our Digital Literacy eLearning Pathway, and to mentor them and support them as they try to find a firm footing for their lives.

Our next Basis Learning Centre - or “nest” - is going to be established early in 2021, also in Bangalore. It will be a larger set- up, and it will serve young women who are at a crossroads in their lives. Many of them are coming from impoverished anddifficult circumstances. They may have been married off before the age of 18, their education cut short; they may be in abusive marriages, or they may have been abandoned. The Digital Literacy training they receive, including training in Microsoft Office, will give them skills they need to reach out for more gainful, rewarding employment. We may also be able to link them to further educational opportunities.

We are deeply grateful for your support in 2020, and we hope you will continue to journey with us in 2021!

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