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Approaching over 150 Bloom graduates!

Our Freesia and Bluebells Blooms are humming along!

Learners - including 18 teens - are busy with Touch Typing, MS Office applications; volunteers are teaching HTML, Javascript, and spoken English. Our trainers are supporting each learner individually, and delight in their work. This December the current cohort of 77 learners will join the 77 that have graduated so far.

Next month 18 learners will intern on a short film that we (Basis) are executive producing! We can't wait to plan virtual and in-person screening events when it is ready! In the meantime, watch our Instagram channel in November for photos and videos to glimpse this fascinating world of filmmaking (especially in the third week).

Yesterday we shared some statistics in a grant application; you may be interested as well...

Bloom alumni have been able to secure jobs in call centres, schools, and NGOs. Some are continuing with their education. A small number of the women continue to work as house maids or sweepers, as demands at home make it difficult for them to be available of full time work right now.

Out of 77 graduates so far...

  • 18% have secured better employment

  • 17% are continuing their studies

  • 16% are looking for work

  • 12% are working as housemaids/sweepers

  • 2% cannot work for health reasons

  • 1% does not have permission to work

NOTE: Those who are working as housemaids/sweepers - what they have learned is not lost! They are able to share their knowledge with their families, especially children, and new skilling and work opportunities will certainly present themselves.

Together with our partner Family Development Services we are looking at the possibility of working with another NGO who is focused on placing newly-skilled young adults and adults in jobs. More news on that development next month.

Your support is truly making a world of difference for teens and young women living at or below the poverty line. Thank you!

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