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The Future is Now

We're so excited about the 2022-23 year to come!

Thanks to the faithful support of donors and partners , we are now standing on a strong foundation that makes it possible for us to scale up with a degree of ease that is really wonderful.

Our next Basis Learning Centre is already in plan!

Currently we have eighty-one students engaged with our program at two Basis Learning Centres.

31 of them are young mothers who have never, ever had an opportunity to skill up in this way. 50 of them are students and siblings of students of Building Blocks Schools, between the ages of 13-18.

At Bloom, the new Basis Learning Centre we inaugurated in April, the students have finished the Digital Literacy eLearning Pathway and are just about done with the touch typing training. Ram Ganglani, the founder and chairman of Right Selection Speakers Bureau, is volunteering on Mondays and Wednesdays to work with the students on their spoken English. Some students have already embarked on our Microsoft Office eLearning Pathway.

Here are two little stories that can help you understand the true impact of our program!


Young boy smilling with a yellow background

Vignesh, 13, is an 8th grade student who straggled into Bloom one day with a friend of his.

His mother and his sister could not control him, and staff at Building Blocks were really at a loss figuring out how to address his behaviour. He had mostly been playing hooky from school and from online classes. Engaging with our program at Bloom has completely changed his attitude. He became so excited about the opportunity to learn all about computers and beyond, he attends the Centre faithfully every day, and not only that, he is now attending school and his online classes regularly as well!


Young girl smilling with a yellow background

Sravanthi lives in a tiny one room home with three other family members; her formal education concluded with 10th grade. Sravanthi's mother is the only earning person in her family; her father is handicapped.

gilr with headphones sitting next to computer showing a certificate of achivement in her hands.

Despite their cramped quarters, Sravanthi turns up to Bloom completely immaculate. She is our top typing student, testing out at 54 WPM, 94% accuracy! We are certain that Sravanthi will connect to gainful employment when she is finished with our program.

Support learners like Vignesh and Sravanthi.

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